Birth Warrior

So when the (work) is so intense… now you cannot turn your attention from it. You cannot float lightly on top. When it is pulling you into it, you go where it is taking you. You go wildly. If you are into it, there is no duality and the suffering will change. You will still feel it, but you will feel wild with it. Instead of timid.

Wildly. Wildly you go into it.

It doesn’t matter what happens after you go wildly into it. You see, you’re becoming birth warriors right at this very moment. You must never think not for one moment that becoming a warrior means you stay on your horse until some conclusion of the battle….. all you have to do to become a birth warrior is come back. When you fall off your horse, and you will in labor, you get back on. If you piss on your saddle, you piss on your saddle and you keep riding, you know what I’m saying. If you get scared like that, If you cry, it doesn’t matter. If you lose track of things, it doesn’t matter. When you come back, no matter what happens, you are a birth warrior.

You are a birth warrior if you have a 3-hour labor. You are a birth warrior if you have a 30-hour labor. Or a cesarean. I am a cesarean warrior. I have special stripes. I have one right here. You know what I’m saying. Cause when a warrior comes back from battle, we all get painted the same colors. We all get the same welcome-back.

So you are going into this not like orphans hoping to be found, or saved. You are going into this with a kind of wildness.

The battle you are going to win is the battle with your own mind. That is the only victory you need to have.

God will do the rest. Or Goddess.


~Pam England (giving a talk concluding “Finding the Center”)