“Jenna was strong, kind and respectful. She knew when to speak up respectfully sharing her opinions and expertise at key moments but was also very deft at knowing when to step back and allow my husband and I to work out our moments together. She has a sixth sense for when to step in and when to take a step back. Jenna was such a supportive strength. I felt heard, safe, and taken care of. Jenna was 100% the reason I had a healthy, vaginal, unmediated birth. Without her professional wisdom and knowledge I know for certain we would have had a very different outcome. I highly value her, respect her and trust her.

Hiring Jenna was the best decision I made for the birth of my son.”

-Dawn, Mama to Jackson
“Jenna was my doula for both my two boys, my first a grueling 48 hour labor and the second a barely-made-it-to the-hospital-in-time intense 4 hour labor. In our first meeting, Jenna was thorough and took the time to get to know me better and understand my preferences.
I’ve always felt comfortable around her warm persona and down to earth sense of humor. If we ever have another one, I’m inclined to put her on an express train down to DC! Although she would argue and say it was mostly me, I still say she is THE reason I was able to have very few interventions during my labors. As a true professional and as real, understanding, and honest a woman I’ve ever known, I cannot give her a higher recommendation.”

-Amy, Mama to Aaron and Silas