Group run in partnership with Manhattan Birth.

"Jenna is a kick ass facilitator, who made me feel so comfortable and created an awesome environment for reflection and community. Thank you, Jenna, so much for everything!""  - Lindsey, a second time Mama


This is not a "class", but instead is a peer support group facilitated by a non-judgmental, working mom who has and will cry, laugh and listen right alongside you, while offering her expertise. And maybe take turns holding each others' babies while we're at it.

We'll start each week with a general go around and check-in, followed by activities focused on our weekly topic. We'll be exploring, writing, and talking about common concerns for new moms and developing strategies and sharing resources for solutions.

***The 9th session of our group is devoted to an Optional Infant CPR Class (for an additional $50).***

Topics may include:

  • Birth processing
  • Sleep, self-care
  • Baby blues vs postpartum depression, and the indigo range between
  • Navigating friendships, old friends, childless friends, new friends, those with different parenting philosophies
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Self image and body image
  • Infant feeding, including lactation, pumping, and bottles
  • Childcare issues and considerations; To work or not to work? Work from home? 
  • Relationship balance, including sex
  • What topic would you bring up?

We meet for 8 Tuesdays in Manhattan, but start anytime. We will prorate the price for you.:

  • March 27 - May 15 10:30-1:00 (Optional Infant CPR March 27 at 1:30 p.m.)

Or 8 Wednesdays in Crown Heights, Brooklyn:

  • April 4 - May 23 10:30-1:00 (Optional Infant CPR March 28 at 1:30 p.m.)

Price: $300 ***We are interested in building a community for you. Prorated sessions are available if you will be away or join after the start of the series. You are more than welcome to join a group already in session for a prorated price. We are unable to offer "pay-as-you-go"/drop-ins.***

Optional Infant CPR/Relief of Choking Dates and Pricing

  • March 27 in Manhattan
  • March 28 in Crown Heights
    • For a New Mom already in our Support Group: $50
    • Add on your Partner to CPR: $45
    • Bring your Nanny or other Caregiver to CPR: $65

*Open to moms and babies up to 12 months of age.

"Attending the new moms group at Manhattan Birth with Jenna was the highlight of my week during maternity leave. Sharing highs and lows and “how tos” while sitting in a cozy living room put my own experiences as a new Mom into perspective and gave me confidence in this uncharted territory of motherhood. Having Jenna lead the group with her expertise gave structure to the group, but her sense of humor and good nature also allowed for comic relief and flexibility where it was needed. In a city where everyone is always rushing to the next event, the 2.5 hour slot allowed me to show up late on those hard-to- get-out-the-house days and provided ample time for us moms to really build camaraderie.  I feel in debt to Jenna and my new mom friends because spending time with them was like real-time therapy. It was like preventative mental health sessions. I got to check in weekly before Baby poop hit the fan!" -Lauren, a first time Mama


kinda sleepy.jpg

Sometimes... THIS is what the postpartum period looks like!